Three Great Things that eCommerce Businesses can do with Shipping Supplies

When you’re looking for shipping supplies, you may not think about that as an eCommerce entrepreneur. In fact, that’s probably the last thing you’re thinking about, since bubble wrap and boxes aren’t all that exciting to develop when putting together products, designing online stores, or even making sales. But, if you don’t’ think about this in advance, you’ll notice that your brand identity will suffer. 

You definitely n3ed to consider this, especially if your’e someone who is new to this type of game, and we’ll tell you some of the reasons why you should consider this as an entrepreneur 

The Unboxing experience 

When your’e an eCommerce business, you want to focus on the unboxing of these items. You want to focus on what you want the customers to have, and the shipping supplies that will complement the goals in an overall sense. You’ll also need to organize the supplies in order to maximize both the time and the resources, and you should understand that this will prevent the last-minute stops to the local office supply store. It also is a bit cheaper too if you plan in advance, and you won’t’ have t break the bank. It’ll help with maximizing your shipping experience so that people will love it. 

Choosing the Right Supplies 

When you ship boxes, you usually will use USPS. Back in the day, this was pretty simple: get the item from point A to Point B. But, this is more than just that these days. You have to focus on a few things when choosing the way to ship the supplies. 

First, you have weight. You should remember that the shipping carriers will charge based on the size, destination, and weight of the package. You’ll save money by using a lighter, and of course, smaller types of packaging than you would in the larger boxes. Don’t use a large box if you can use a small bubble mailer to do the job. 

Protect the items when you’re shipping the stuff that you want. You should make sure that your packaging material does this too. Are you shipping breakable items? Make sure that you have the right shipper for this, such as a wine shipper for the job. Are you worried about the item being in the cold weather? Get a poly mailer, since they are water-resistant. 

The aesthetics play a big part in this too. The packaging that you have is tied to the brand exposure. Many of the online retailers will customize their packaging so that it will differentiate them from the competitors, and in turn, will provide the wow experience when you open them. Be creative, and when you do create the product packaging, make it something that’s an event for the people who open it. 

The price is another concern. The price of your shipping supplies is usually the first factor you look at in the eCommerce business. While this may not always be the case, you definitely want to make sure that you don’t pinch the pennies on items that’ll be too small, or without cushioning material. If you do, then you’re going to notice your brand will inevitably suffer. 

You should keep in mind that you can get free shipping with specific methods, or even discounted shipping when purchasing in bulk, so even if you go the custom route, you’re still saving a bit of cash from this. 

Packaging Creativity 

So we’ve discussed the criteria for shipping supplies, but also choose the supplies that work for the products that your’e selling. Most businesses should make sure their packaging is streamlined as much as it can be. For example, many eCommerce businesses will make sure that they have a couple of primary boxes, a couple of mailers, and of course, the packaging cushioning for shipments. 

So you have a few options for shipping. The first is boxes of course. They’re both lightweight, such as in the form of the corrugated mailers, or they might be heavy-duty, which is great for heavy items. 

When you do select these boxes for the product, you should always have two inches on every single side for the material to cushion it. 

Next, you’ve got bubble mailers. These are probably the best things to put into your packages, and they come in either a poly exterior, or Kraft paper, and are a good option for a moderate amount of protection. 

You’ve also got poly milers, which is a non-breakable mailer that’s lightweight, and it’s also tear and moisture-resistant. If you’ve ever bought clothes, then you should always consider this type of addition for that extra security. 

Finally, you’ve got cushioning. whether it’s in the form of bubble wrap, foam rolls, air pillows, peanuts, or a combination of all of these, you should never skimp on this. Cushioning helps to make sure that your product arrives in the safest manner possible. If you’re using bubble wrap, of course, make sure that the bubbles that are on the inside are there so that it will protect this. 

Storing Supplies and Inventory 

There are a lot of eCommerce retailers that will invest many resources into their product inventory, but what about supplies? This is used to help track the quantities, bundles, locations, and allows you to re-order items and manage your supplies as well. 

You can get track quantities to help you keep track of the boxes, bubble mailers, cushioning and whatever you might have. Keep track of each of these to ensure the necessary quantities, so you can get the most out of this that you can. You can also track locations to maximize the space of the warehouse, to use the locations for supplies in excess. Locations that allow you to put your products wherever they can are good, so you don’t’ have to worry about arranging your items in order to get more stock in, and it makes it so much easier for individual items. 

There is also bundling, which helps you bundle certain items together, and you can do this to help bring everything to the person in one specific product. 

Finally, you need inventory management to help you oversee and reorder items. Once it’s there, you can, with this in place, automatically re-order the supplies once they’ve dipped below a certain point, and you can also run reports to help you see which supplies you’ll need more of, and which ones don’t need to be restocked. 

When you manage your shipping supplies and your products, you’ll be able to provide an inexpensive, non-intrusive way to get the most out of this. Shipping supplies need to be ordered, because this is how you get the item from point A to point B with minimal damage, and if you’re not focusing on the shipping elements, it can pose a problem. 

Next time you look at what you need to order for this, do look at the shipping supplies, because this does play a major role in it, and in turn, you’ll be able to, with this as well, create a better, more immersive experience, and also allow you to easily craft and create the best experience you can.