The Must-Have Packing Supplies to Help your Business

When working in eCommerce, having the right packing supplies is essential, but the wrong ones can ultimately affect your ability to ship out and help others with your products. The right materials, of course, make all the difference. Some people skimp out on the packing supplies, and not having enough of this will damage your goods. This is how items get ruined, and here, we’ll highlight the must-have packaging supplies that you need to have, why they matter, and some of the important information about these packaging supplies that you should always consider. 

Bubble Wrap 

For any type of packing, whether it be to move, or to ship out items, you need bubble wrap. You can get these in rolls, and you can get t in varying bubble sizes. Some of them are so easy, you simply tear it off and you can pack pretty much any fragile or delicate item with this. 

If you have a lot of breakable,s such as snowglobes to teapots or other small things, always have this. Always remember to wrap the bubble wrap items with the bubbles inwards for the most protection. The small bubble wrap is also better for smaller items since it helps prevent breaking. You should always stack your dishes on the edges, and not flat, and you can use bigger bubbles for the heavier objects such as electronics, vases, and sculptures for the best results. 

Packing Paper 

This is literally just clean, ink-free newspapers that you can use for packing dishes, delicate items, and glassware that’s there. You can use this as a filler to help protect your boxes a lot better if you’re not able to fully fill them. 

They are clean, so you can put your dishes in them, and they won’t get smudged up, and you can unpack these quite easily too. They’re also the least expensive option out their,e and they take up less space than bubble wrap does, and you can wrap and cushion anything that you’re moving with this. 


Speaking of moving, why not have moving boxes? This is the most obvious solution, and you put everything in there from books to tools, to even silverware and canned goods. You can put pillows, bedding, lampshades, and the like in there too. You should use both small, medium, and larger boxes in order to help keep your boxes niece and organized, and never try to overfill these either. 

Their’s no point in packing large boxes that require a whole crew to move these, right? Well, remember that when you’re packing these items. Always make sure that they’re packed heavy enough that it’s worth using, but also in a way that’s light enough that you’re not struggling to lug the contents around. You should also pack the heavier items in the larger boxes on the bottom, and the lighter items on the top. You shouldn’t’ leave spaces in these either, so if you don’t have anything to throw in there such as clothes or towels, throw some packing paper in there too. It’ll be easier to move, and they will stack better too. 

Moving blankets 

While you do need these, I don’t think you should purchase these. The movers will use them, and they’ll help you out. Rent them from a moving company. If you’re moving, and you hire a U-haul to help with this, you can get some moving blankets from them to rent out, or even just use comforters, large beach towels, and other blankets. If you have a lot of them, you will definitely have a much easier time moving everything. 

You probably will be hesitant to buy these simply cause of the cost of them, and the idea of renting blankets could be a little gross, considering where they might’ve been. If you have blankets that you can wash or older blankets that are good for moving, you can always just get those. They are ideal for items that are likely to get scratched and can prevent that from happening as well. 

Padded wrapping Paper 

This is an alternative to blankets, and it essentially looks just like a brown paper bag, but with the cushioning in it that you can wrap larger pieces such as furniture around it to help prevent scratches and nicks as well. This is good for harder furniture such as a table, desk, or even a dresser too. 

Stretch Wrap 

Close-up Of Two Young Delivery Men Carrying Cardboard Box In Front Of Truck

This is literally like saran wrap, but you can use it for so many things. For example, you literally can use this to keep your dresser drawers from falling out if you don’t want to take them all off. Sometimes, you can even just leave everything in there if you just choose to stretch wrap your whole dresser. It also will prevent it from getting dinged up super easy too.

They are also good for cutlery and utensil trays, and even trays of makeup. You literally wrap those around and then just unwrap and put it back in the drawer a the new place. Plastic stretch wrap is used for soft furniture such as chairs and couches, and that’s done by taking the roll and wrapping it around the furniture pieces too. If you do wrap the whole sofa, it’s very difficult to get wet or dirty, and it can be used to hold the skirts down too. 

There’s a lot that you can do with this type of wrapping, and it’s something that anyone who is moving should have on hand before they begin. 

Packign Tape 

This isn’t duct tape, but rather, it’s a sticky, clear packaging tape. Don’t buy the cheap little 99 cents packing tape. It won’t be stickiest, but you will need to be generous with this. 

You should always tape down the middle, but along with that, a couple of strips along the box side for support. A tape gun will help you save some time as well. You should invest in a tape that’s a great quality, and it will stick to the box. You should go down about halfway from the top of this box when sealing the seal because if you only go an inch down, it will then move up, and not secure it. Crisscrossing the box is also good if you need that extra security. 

Marking Pens 

If you have a lot of stuff, you probably will want a sharpie or a pen. Magic markers are also good too since it can be good to label stuff as fragile, and it also is good for you to designate what room it goes into. This is something that can help make the job even easier for you. 

Trashbags and Ziploc Bags 

Both of these items are good for liquids such as liquor, shampoos, and other items that you spill. This is also good for small items such as underwear, socks, or any small clothes within the closet. 

The gallon-sized bags are good for those tiny items, such as screws, batteries, and brackets 

Hopefully, this list of packing items helps you with your next move and makes the process of moving a little bit easier not just for you, but for everyone.